Our Team

Our members are top professionals in the law industry and hold JDs, PhDs, LLMs, and MBAs from the best universities in the United States, Europe, and Latin America.

Andrés Izquierdo is well recognized for his copyright work within the IP market, particularly on matters related to the entertainment sector. Andrés Izquierdo has a wealth of knowledge of both Colombian and US law.” Chambers & Partners (UK) Commentary (Latin America), 2017

The “very capable” Gustavo Adolfo Palacio Correa of Palacio & Ballesteros is highly regarded, according to sources. “He is someone who has a profound knowledge of copyright.” Chambers & Partners (UK) Commentary (Latin America), 2018


Gustavo Palacio – Founding Partner

Andrés Izquierdo – Founder Partner – Managing Partner

Gerardo López Londoño – Senior Associate

Javier Antonio Silva – Intermediate Associate

Eduardo Reyes Celi – Economist Associate

Lucia Lorente – Off Counsel

Pablo Barrios Pacheco – International Affairs Associate

Diana Gaitan – Trademark Associate

Juan Carlos Blen – Antipiracy Associate